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Animal Farm by George Orwell |A Review


I’ve been thinking to write about George Orwell’s Animal Farm and it seems I’ve finally found the time to do this. George Orwell born on 25th June 1903 in British India to a civil servant.He was later taken back to England by his mother, where he did his schooling. George hated Imperialism. In his works he wrote extensively about Totalitarianism, Anti-Fascism, democratic socialism etc.

Animal Farm is one of the best fiction works I’ve ever read though you can question it being an inspiration from Russian Revolution.

What is here in it that makes it a worthwhile reading? Truth. The way Orwell weaves the story and blatantly throws the brutality of the ruling society, the  ignorance of the general populace, the fascist nature of governments, corruption and the harsh realities of a manipulative states.

Animal Farm is all about revolution. How reason can lead to freedom and ignorance to chains. Just like revolutions start with reasoning, questioning your existence and basing your life, your struggles around this reason. In our story a pig named Old Major voices this reason of freedom to his fellow animals who survive on a farm named ‘Manor Farm’. The brutality of humans turn animals to rebel and they do successfully overthrow the humans, forming a society where animals following a set commandments they named as ‘Animalism’ live harmoniously  but not for long. Their are battles fancily named and these battles are enthralling. The Battle of Cowshed, The Battle of Windmill an amazing portrayal of fights between humans and animals.

The variety of characters is quiet gripping. The horses, the sheep, the cat and many more having their own set of values, limitations. There are different quirks to different characters, like the sheep whenever in a meeting(these animals- they have meeting too) would start singing “Four legs good, two legs bad! Four legs good, two legs bad!”  and wouldn’t stop singing for hours. Snowball and Napolean the main leaders of Animal Farm. Their differences, disagreements divide the animals in two.  The story usually revolves around the decisions they make, Snowball more of socialist leader tends to uplift all animals of the hard-works, sufferings whereas Napolean he is the main antagonist of our story uses military force to overtake the power of Animal Farm and chases his counterpart Snowball out of the farm. Napoleans nine loyal dogs also show how a society alien to their cultural backgrounds can be mind-washed. Slowly as the time passes, the comfort and extra food that the animals enjoyed after liberation from their human masters fade away. The rule their leader Napolean breaks them, they work like slaves whereas their new masters the pigs as to say enjoy, yet no one questions, no one dares.

Towards the end of the book you are waiting for a rebellion from the animals on their rulers ‘pigs’. Unfortunately which never takes place. Moreover Animal Farm is a story of harsh realities told through a fable. Comparison is easy and the story is a ocean a highly salty ocean, you enjoy the lightness of your mass reading while it smothers your body. I must say I recommend this to everyone. One of my favorites.

If you have any book recommendations or any suggestions feel free to comment!



One response to “Animal Farm by George Orwell |A Review”

  1. Awesome book review Karan. I have to finish reading this one. I keep starting it and then putting it down (as I have about 10 other books at the moment… very ADD). I read Orwell’s 1984 which was horrible but prophetic. Animal farm is so short I should be able to get through it quickly… I know the premise of the whole thing of course, but your review motivates me. I liked the brief details you put in about Orwell’s life.


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