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The Outsider /#1/

It rained for a week everyday, when finally it stopped pouring as the sun sank shimmering in Raghu’s eyes. He gave a sigh of relief and scurried back home. He threw the bag in one corner and sat, his stomach inflated like a balloon he gulped down the glass of water. His mind had been fuming lately. On the other hand the residents of the village were filled with a surge of anticipation for the meeting that was to be held by their respected leader Mr.Ratan.
The meeting was to begin and Raghu reached on time. A man in his fifties stood on the pedestal cemented around a banyan tree, with silvery words he spoke,” My dear friends, i have a bad news that is very discomforting for all of us.” Raghu admired this man. He had one of the best house in the village, he had protected the community from outside influence and he had always been there. He was an elite, the privileged. He was the reason why the village had developed, Raghu believed. In fact every villager did so. He continued,“The outsiders have raided our land, first they bought lands, then they opened shops, sold beef, pork and now they want to make us slaves. The elections are next month. This dear friends is the time of war. I assure that i will protect you no matter what happens tomorrow, but i will need you to trust me with your life my dear friends.” A loud cheer acquired the residents. Raghu whistled, his eyes filled with admiration for his leader.
The next day, as the sun stared overhead, Raghu sat like a lotus on the shining grass of Mr.Ratan’s lawn, who sat on a golden chair in front of him and with several other villagers beside Raghu. Mr.Ratan in his breathy voice shot,“The Outsiders should be taught a lesson!”. He stood up and left. His assistant gave instructions to Raghu and the others. Raghu wanted to prove his mettle to his respected leader. He could do anything. Raghu volunteered to do the task all by himself.
Raghu threw the torch at the outsiders house, his eyes were bloodshot. He paced back and forth, two more! In a moments blip the house was shattered to ashes like sand castles after waves. He traced back home tired, in agony, failing to get the sense of what he did.
The next day, Raghu opened his shop, He was struck by lightening when he saw a notice of land acquisition, ordering him to abandon his land. Raghu sails over to his Leader’s, where he’s thrown outside like a used needle.
After realising his situation, Raghu was devastated. He kicked himself for being so foolish. After all he did for this leader, that he personified as a god what happened, he sobbed. He had no resolve for this. He steadied himself and seeked help from the other villagers. He soon learnt that he was not the only one, many others have met the same fate. Their beloved leader had sold the villagers land to the capitalists and that their is only one person who’s willing to help the community. Raghu’s face lit up with a smile of hope. Finally There was someone willing to help them against this tyranny. Raghu said,“Who is it? The Messiah! tell me who is it?”. One of the villager remarked,“The Outsider!”.

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