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Child’s View

Hey fam! here I’m writing a short piece with the view point of a child.

It is impossible to ask these grumpy adults about anything. It is this age factor, obviously. We are these tiny little baby carrots and they are these huge carrot eating monsters. Bossing the carrots every time, everywhere . I never really came to know what these monsters want from life. These are strange creatures. Sometimes they’d wake up way early and at others not till noon. They smile very less and rarely laugh. They miss that zeal, that buzz of youth. They don’t walk as freely as i always do. I always walk with swinging arms, jumping and sliding and swinging. I wonder that is how hulk always walks, smashing and dominating everything till banner takes control. Instead the adults slouch into their path everywhere. As if trying to survive their many burdens. I wonder, if that is in store for me, but wait what Kiteretsu and gang is waiting for me. I can’t leave them hanging. Over to you captain!

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