Old Baggage [Day-1]

Hi, I am reading Old Baggage by Lisa Evans these days and the following will be a series of threads keeping track of chapters of this book I read! I’ve read the first 2 chapters till now. So here’s what I’ve absorbed about them.

Lisa Evans sure does write some good banter in this one. Old Baggage is about Mattie Simpkin, a woman or a spinster employer of Mrs. Bowling as put by The Flea. Oh, I love the comical anecdotes Lisa has included.

The introduction says that Mattie is living a chafingly uneventful present (chafingly?) and that the book is a bittersweet portrayal of Mattie’s life.

So from what I’ve read Mattie seems like a badass. She can talk to birds -particularly magpies-, she literally throws a whiskey bottle at a thief in a crowded fair which as the location would suggest hit face first on an innocent redhead girl.

Also Mattie has a roommate, Miss Lee or The Flea as Evans put it. Don’t yet know why, but we’ll soon figure it out. The Flea is a thin pale lady, who cannot stand humour or unchecked laughter.

Now, I know this information is nowhere near to comprehend what the characters are doing. So let’s wait.

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