Old Baggage [Day-2]

Hi! So let’s continue from where we left off in the last post.

Back at the fair, moments before Mattie was mugged by that purple jacketed thief she was distracted or to be accurate zoned out thinking about his younger brother Angus. We don’t know anything about Angus right now, other than the fact that when Mattie last visited him in a hospital she was threatened with court, now that also we don’t know why, probably has something to do with her activism.

Also, It seems to us that court and Mattie have a tom and jerry kind of relationship. Remember in the last post she injured a redhead girl by lobbing a bottle at her accidentally.

Now, our hero Mattie might get arraigned for that because Sergeant Beal -terrier faced! lmao- has paid the apartment a visit. Oh dear Mattie! at the fair the redhead just had to give a description of you to the police and they knew who it was.

Now, For the charges that the redhead might press against Mattie, The Flea and Mattie decide to pay her compensation so that she doesn’t press charges (Bribery!).

We’ll soon find out how they go about bribing the redhead. Till then, Stay tuned!

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