Old Baggage by Lissa Evans

To those who think that the sun of their life’s purpose is dwindling on the horizon, I present to you this gracefully woven story of Mattie Simpkin.

Mattie used to be a militant for the women’s suffragette movement before World War 1, but now, our protagonist has well passed her prime and the most eventful years of her life – the currents of which still shake her core – and now finds herself prodding for a new occupation as she settles in the ‘Mousehole’ with her old colleague and friend The Flea.

The intricacies that Lissa has threaded in this work are a delight to read, especially the characters. Mattie specifically, with all the knowledge, passion, and persistence, but hard to get along personality.

Also, commendable is the bits of historical details that Lissa has successfully been able to interpose with amazing characters and story’s interplay.

The prose isn’t completely immaculate but definitely not dull. I’d rather say the prose was like a pineapple – tangy initially but overwhelmingly sweet thereafter- other than that the story arc is just brilliant. Five Stars!

Also, there’s some sort of duality I noticed in the title. At first, I thought the title was referring to Mattie as Old baggage but then as I read the story I figured, It’s her past, and then in the middle that maybe it’s the present too. Confusing? It’s not. It’s the perfect title to a thrilling story.

All in all, Lissa offers a story about grit, strength, mistakes, friendship and coming to terms with your past, and embracing the present.

If there’s any book you’d recommend please comment, and Happy reading!

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