Left or Right?

March is here and Delhi feels like a burning torch in the afternoon. So I went to the safe haven of every law student i.e the library. I sat down like a midget, surveying the perennial nuances of other midgets among the incontrovertible similarities of my fellow students of law. If there’s one thing that most students of law fall prey to is getting zoned out again and again during the case readings, for example, you’d be reading a line about the issue, and the next moment you end up at the last page forgetting what even the issue was. That’s normal, that’s law school.

I tried my luck at reading for more than an hour, after getting zoned out several times and a sudden proliferation of sleep gusts, I went out of the library like a rabbit catching prey, that prey was coffee. There I met a classmate of mine, who was in the throes of the same issue as myself.

We went to the Nescafe stall and bought a couple of cups of coffee. We chatted for a while about the syllabus and classes then the conversation started becoming a bit political.

He talked about how the people on the left are hard-working and diligent, whereas those on the right if asked about their position wouldn’t admit being on the right because they feel it difficult to accept the destructive nature of the right, though it being in vogue.

However, let me tell you that he himself stands on the right and that It was just his, say, frustration at what I don’t know. It was good talking to him, a different perspective for sure is a good thing to keep in mind.

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