Backed Up Conversations

Today, was one of those days where you know that any conversation you have is going to be a good one.

So, basically what happened was that after the Holi vacation, I left for Delhi by train at around 6:15 in the morning and reached around 10:15 at Delhi. From there I was back in my room by 11:00 and then I rested for a while till 12:45 and left for the campus to attend the ‘contracts’ lecture which actually preponed to 1:00 from 2:55 and the Jurisprudence lecture was postponed to 2:05 and that was a moment of dread.

Anyways, I chatted with this guy after the class, I’d actually wanted to ask him about writing research papers, he did clear most of my doubt not only that but also he talked about a lot of critical stuff like how the HIjab case was going to be a defeat to the petitioner even if they won the case. He suggested this book by Gautam Bhatia ‘The Transformative Constitution’.

There was this other conversation with someone about who decides the rules in the society, so basically what he said was that rules are made by the powerful for their own protection. I disagreed with the statement, we had a lengthy discussion about this. There was this one point where we were so involved in the discourse that a passerby joined in seeing our enthusiasm on the topic.

There were a couple of other conversations too, but that should be it for me for tonight! Bye!

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