Remember That face you gazed at, On the Isle, Snow fleeting eyes, heart thumping- on a trial, breath muffled- To the chest, Like ambers- laid to rest, Standing straight, insight- Feet failing, every time, She catches an eye, A boy’s, one who’s Fainting bears turned- White unlike an hair dye, His face wrapped Like colours […]

The Lighter

Rohit was lying on his bed, it was higher off the ground than normal. Blue light brighter than usual from the T.V was falling on his face. Mohit was sitting beside him, looking at the T.V indifferently. For long they had been watching the screen, when finally Rohit rose deliberately from the bed and ran […]


Have you seen those whites?Those pale, those grim,Those unforgivable sights,That roar in my speech,To the dead, to the dumb,To the whites I beseech.Remember! remember me!O speck of dust!My ink, O’me! Have you seen those whites?That happiness, that life,That love, that war, thatHistory through strife,That amber, that pain,Those crystals, those rains,Purging virtues, purging sins,Whites from veins,Remember! […]