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Have you seen those whites?
Those pale, those grim,
Those unforgivable sights,
That roar in my speech,
To the dead, to the dumb,
To the whites I beseech.
Remember! remember me!
O speck of dust!
My ink, O’me!

Have you seen those whites?
That happiness, that life,
That love, that war, that
History through strife,
That amber, that pain,
Those crystals, those rains,
Purging virtues, purging sins,
Whites from veins,
Remember! remember me!
O speck of dust!
My ink, O’me!

4 responses to “Whites”

  1. Thanks Lia for the comment! I really appreciate your reading this. And about this poem, I’d been given a prompt by my peers to write something about this theory that, The whole universe sprung out of nothing and will ultimately dissolve to nothing. So the main thing i focused on was what would that empty void be like and so an image of a white space was what I thought. The poem than just tends to start with that and end with same. Anyhow what part of the poem intrigued the geopolitical meaning?

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    • Hi Karan, sorry didn’t see this till now (we don’t get notified of replies unless you reply directly to the comment :))… ah ok.
      By geopolitical meaning I was wondering about white in terms of British Imperialism.
      But of course the beauty of metaphor in poetry is that any meaning can be deciphered by any reader, depending on the moment it is read, as well as on other readings/inputs/experiences being consumed by that reader at the time.


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